Evangelion: 1.0 You are (Not) Alone Review

Evangelion 1.0: You are (Not) aloneI went to watch Evangelion 1.0 yesterday at Cathay. Do you know that Cathay offers student prices of $6? UOB card members also enjoy $6 per ticket. Naturally it’s only limited to weekdays! However it is a great price for a good movie.

I didn’t watch Evangelion the Anime, and thus I went with no information and zero interest because I have no idea what Evangelion is actually about. The movie entertains right from the beginning, and I could understand most of the things that were inside even though I have no prior experience at watching Evangelion. From Wiki articles, I realized that this movie is actually more or less the same as the first few episodes of the anime on TV. Hence, Evangelion fans would probably be very familiar with everything.

The story begins with a boy named Shinji Ikari who is going to meet his father whom he has not seen for 3 years. An angle (the bad monster) attacks the city and Shinji is rescued by a pretty lady who turns out to be a colonel. Anyway, Shinji is asked to pilot the Eva Unit 01, which he refuses. When he sees the primary pilot Rei stuggling because of an old injury, he agrees to pilot the unit.

The story shows 3 battles between 3 angles, of which the last is super strong and is the bulk of the story and action. For more information, read wikipedia (link below).

There are a few questions which I had after I read the movie. There seems to be a pact with another company SEELE which was left unanswered (but anime fans will definitely know since its in the anime). Similarly, the last part shows this naked guy who wants to meet with Shinji. Reading Wiki allows me to understand that he is actually the last and 17th Angel who will eventually take over the piloting of one of the eva units. He will then allow Shinji to kill him.

Thus, the movie isn’t all that good because as a non-evangelion-anime-tv-fan, I get confused by many new things popping up here and there, but due to a lack of screen time, they went unanswered.

Anyway, the story ends with To Be Continued, so I would expect Evangelion: 2.0 to come out sooner or later, and I would have to watch it for completion’s sake.

I rate it 3/5 stars because of the questions I had, but it is a very entertaining show nonetheless.

Links to other sites about Evangelion 1.0

Trailer from YouTube

Paprika – The anime in The PictureHouse

Official Movie Site
I went to watch Paprika today. Its shown exclusively only at The Cathay (beside Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Gaut) in The Picturehouse. What this means is that there is only 1 theater in the whole of Singapore showing this anime movie. There are about 6 slots daily.

The movie is in Japanese (duh!) and has English subtitles. Basically the movie is about dreams and a group of scientists have invented an object, the DC MINI, that allows you to enter people’s dreams and help them. At the start of the movie, Paprika helps a cop deal with his problems in his dreams.

The DC MINI is stolen and all hell breaks loose as dreams are merged. Who is the one who stole the DC MINI and creating all the chaos?

This movie is rated NC-16 due to the naked anime character scenes. No its not hentai. The scenes are very short and there is nothing much to see so perverts can save their money and don’t watch this movie. =)

This anime is not bad, but sometimes you get confused between dreams and reality. I think you are supposed to be confused because it is trying to show that the characters in the anime are confused too.

I rate this anime 3/5 stars. It is pretty interesting, just like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. One jumps through dreams and reality the other jumps through time. =)

Hope everyone who watches this anime will enjoy it throughly as I do.

The Girl who leapt through time

The Girl who leapt throug time

Rating: PG
Language: Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles
Genre: Animation / Fantasy
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Cast: Riisa Naka, Takuya Ishida, Ayami Kakiuchi, Sachie Hara, Mitsutaka Itakuru

Awards: Animation of the Year, Japan Academy Prize; Special Award, Hochi Film Awards; Best Animation Film, Mainichi Film Concours

When 17-year-old Makoto Konno gains the ability to, quite literally, “leap” backwards through time, she immediately sets about improving her grades and preventing personal mishaps. However, she soon realises that changing the past isn’t as simple as it seems, and eventually, will have to rely on her new powers to shape the future of her and her friends.

I watched it yesterday night. I would say the standard belongs to those of Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love. The plot and excitement is not high enough to be considered near Bleach or GhostHunt, but the whole thing is not as lame as Kyo No Go No Ni or Shinigami No Ballad.

However its not the best Movie Anime (Movime) that I have watched. The best is Spirited Away followed by Howl’s Moving Castle and lastly it is The Girl who leapt through time.

Anyway I really enjoyed watching the movie especially hearing the Japanese words coming from their mouths. =) If you’ve got money to spare and loves Japanese like me, then go watch it. Cathay’s prices are 50cents lesser than GV and Shaw!

Kyo No Go No Ni

Kyo No Go No Ni
Got this image from Jiahao’s wordpress. Yes Jiahao introduced this to me via his blog and I went to watch it on youtube. Animenfo says there are 4 eps but I can only find 3 in youtube. Nevertheless, I have watched quite a substantial part of it and I noticed how this anime likes to make the guy seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Each episodes has a few parts, 5 actually, divided into “lessons” and they are 5 short stories which are somewhat lame but entertaining. I watched it on my way home yesterday and they entertained me. Though I feel if anyone was watching my back they probably would feel that it is some pervertic anime since the lead character, Ryota always seems to enter the nursing room when the girls are doing some hanky panky inside.

Kyo No Go No Ni is a funny and entertaining anime which only has 4 episodes. I rate it a 3/5.

Ghost Hunt, Only Love

Well I will be continuing to watch Tokimeki Memorial Only Love, 1 episode at a time slowly, just like Bleach, as the fansubs have not finished subbing the rest of the episodes..I’m now at 12, I think the anime is subbed till 16. Haha. Got 10 more episodes to sub!

Ghost Hunt is something recommended on Jiahao’s blog, so I thought I will try it. Shall utilize my Zen Vision. If not, buy for what? =)

Hope the anime’s will be nice to watch. At least can entertain abit ma. =)

Midori No Hibi

Well, after about 2 weeks, I finally finished Midori No Hibi. Actually, I finished 4 episodes today and 2 episodes yesterday. Thats around half of the series since its only a 13 episode anime.

I would say that the plot is not so strong since its only a 13 episode anime, there’s obviously alot of character development thats lacking. The ending’s quite abrupt too. They just meet and confess and they got together. No high impact. Haha. However it does fulfill its entertainment role.

Now that I have finished Midori No Hibi, its the 2nd anime that I actually finished watching, after Love Hina. It is also the shortest series if I’m not wrong. I have completed 11/25 of Tokimeki Memorial Only Love and 123 episodes of Bleach, which is still ongoing.

If anyone has any anime to introduce please do tell me, I guess sometimes travelling is a chore without watching anime already. =)

Also, today I watched 200 pounds beauty.. The story is not strong obviously. Its just a normal story of fat goes slim and losing her identity and regretting. However I just like the comedic part of it. I just like Korean movies. Watched many other Korean movies like My Boyfriend is type B.. And what is the one in which the girl and guy like to lie to each other? Hmm. I forgot the title already. Really enjoyed myself especially it has been a long time since I went out with my girlfriend. =)

Hooked on Anime?

Well, been exposed to many different anime recently, of which the one that i’m hooked to and currently watching is Bleach. Episode 121 just came out last thursday. =) 122 is coming up in 3 more days! Haha.

Im also watching Tokimeki Memorial Only Love. Well I guess JH would be rolling his eyes and saying huh. (If not I expect him to mention this when he sees me on MSN.)

I don’t know why I started watching and I don’t know why I’m continuing. It may be because I want to finish what I watched, or maybe its just that I just like to watch this kind of anime also? Its kinda like why I watched Love Hina in the 1st place. (Thanks jh for the Love Hina anime)

However I note that watching too much of this kind of shows (as well as those idol dramas) give people a false sense of reality. In reality do you expect Japanese girls to be so cute and bubbly with energy and have such an attractive persona and aura? Nope. These animes as well as idol dramas may make people feel that why people around them are not like those in animes or idol dramas.

I want to take this chance to make it known that anime is only a cartoon, idol drama is only a drama. They exist to entertain. They do not reflect the reality 100% accurately. Even reality TV may not be accurate. (Ever heard of rigging?) We should take note of that and not expect your dream guy/girl to be the same as that in the anime or idol drama.

My 2 cents worth. So there!