Drama: 杨门女将

I watched this drama as a continuation to the supposed prequel, Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang. There were some continuity in the sense that it made sense why the prequel would end that way abruptly. In the prequel, Si Lang became the consort of the Liao Kingdom, which I thought was weird that it would end that way, but it paved for the story in this drama. However the reasons for becoming the consort were vastly different, probably so that the prequel could end in that one episode without dragging it too much. It also explained why they abruptly allowed Wu Lang to become a monk, although in this drama they didn’t seem to have the same reason as to why he became one.

This drama largely focuses on the woman remaining in the Yang family. Where Du Jin Er is supposed to have joined the Yang Family at the end of the prequel, she only comes in a few episodes into the drama where she meets everyone for the first time. Somehow after watching this drama, I just feel that the woman in this family are a sad bunch. Their husbands all seem to in the battle field.

Zong Bao, who is Liu Lang’s son, died a few “weeks” after marrying Mu Gui Ying. Which was rather sad, although they allowed her to be pregnant so that the family has a heir. Ba Mei’s long loved Yang An also died before they had a chance to go back and marry. It is a rather sad story which told of the sacrifice made by the Yang family to ensure peace and prosperity in their homeland.

The story has this typical villian inside the imperial palace who sways the emperor’s judgement, and this villian is removed in the middle of the drama in a good fashion. The villian is replaced by this priest who can create weird formations that make people lose themselves when they enter it, resulting in huge losses. This might be a reason why I didn’t like this drama as compared to the prequel; they are fighting against this superstitious thing which doesn’t really exist in real life as opposed to honestly fighting a battle through wits and valour.

The ending was also abrupt, with Ba Mei and Gui Ying being conferred titles, along with the grandma She Tai Jun who is the mother in the prequel. It just didn’t feel as nice as the prequel, although less people lost their lives. Since it is a female oriented drama, the females in the show didn’t die, but I still felt sorry for them because they were all widowed at a young age.

Overall it was a great story of the Yang family, whose patriotism, sense of righteousness, and honour shone throughout. Their loyalty to the throne and compassion towards the citizens of the country were something that we should all learn from. It is this sense of honour which I thought I should seek to emulate, and ensure the prosperity and safety of my own country.

Drama: Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang

I watched 《少年杨家将》 because I wanted to know the story of the Yang family. It seemed apt to watch all these interesting dramas set in the olden times, after I had watched movies like Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes etc, comprising of the “new batch” of idols. Hu Ge, who acted as Yang Liu Lang was Guo Jing in LOCH, and Yuan Hong who acted as Yelu Xie in the drama was Yang Kang in LOCH. It seemed ironic that the enemy of the Yang family was next cast as their descendant.

As usual with the “shao nian” series, this story takes place before the main stories at a time when the characters were younger. This story revolves around how Yang Ye, the father taught his family values like loyalty and the unyielding spirit as well as a deep sense of patriotism. As with all dramas with villians, the Yang family has always met with trouble, which resulted in the deaths of Yang Ye, Yang Da Lang, Yang Er Lang, Yang San Lang and Yang Qi Lang.

The ending few episodes of the drama was most touching and heart wrenching. When the Prime Minister told tales to the Emperor, you just feel so angry, but then you felt angrier because the Emperor couldn’t discern who was his loyal subject and who wasn’t. Just because he lacked faith in the Yang Family, five men died.

When the wife of Wu Lang knocked him unconscious, resulting in him being unable to go to his father’s and brothers’ aid, I felt a sense of disappointment and anger. It was as if the person who was his wife could not understand him at all. That he would rather go into battle and die with his family than to run like a coward knowing that his family was being killed off one by one. I could understand how he couldn’t forgive her after that.

The accumulation of emotions from intensity of the battle and what seemed like a slaughter, coupled with betrayal, mistrust, capture of the upright people and finally the scene where they brought the bodies back to the capital just seemed to make it even more upsetting. But then you develop a sense of how evil war is, and that sometimes the soldiers from both sides are innocent, but they die all the same. Plus they die so fast and in such huge numbers, it’s impossible to bring their bodies back to their family.

The only gripe I had is that the upright people die so epic-ly but the evil villians just die in a simple painless manner. Is it really that easy to catch the Prime Minister and convict him?

The video below is the theme song for the drama. I liked it very much. I like how the way chinese words can be strung together to form longer meanings but the number of words used is very minimal. Enjoy.

出鞘劍 殺氣蕩

你的笑 活著怎麼忘



Xian Jian Qi Xua Zhuan Review

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan
I watched this via Crunchyroll for the past week. It has 34 episodes, and its alternate names include: Chinese Paladin or The Magic Sword and The Chivalrous Youth or The Sword and the Fairy. In my understanding, this drama serial is based on the game of the same name, and the drama only spans 1/4 of the entire game.

This drama is an adventure based kind of show, and if you are looking for some serious wu xia serials, you may probably want to head down to Waikit’s blog. There are some nice wu xia serials which he has reviewed. This drama serial is less serious, and there doesn’t seem to be much wu xia heroes inside.

This drama is less serious because there is more emphasis on the love triangles in the story, and the main topic is on love. The antagonist keeps wondering if love is present in this world, and believes that humans are so bad that there isn’t love in the world. At times, I wonder if he is conducting a love experiment.

There are many tmm scenes. (Tian Mi Mi or 甜蜜蜜) Simply put, sometimes the scenes are sweet but sad, and emo comes into play many times because of the sad nature of its story as well as its ending.

However I won’t deny that I watched it for the eye candy in the form of Liu Yi Fei, who recently acted in The Forbidden Kingdom.

Anyway, it’s just like a adventure/comedy kind of show. Perhaps not really comedy, but it brought some smiles occasionally, and of course emo at other times. Overall it’s a sad show. Sometimes I wonder why Liu Yi Fei shows have to have the guy get seperated from the girl (like 神雕侠侣), and many other stuffs.

If I were to rate this, I guess I will rate it a 6.5/10. It’s good enough to kill my time and get me focused on something. 🙂

Return of the Condor Heroes

I finished watching Shen Diao Xia Lv, or Return of the Condor Heroes, the 2nd part of the condor trilogy. I did not watch She Diao Ying Siong Zhuan or Yi Tian Tu Long Ji. Ha.

What probably made me watch ROCH is because MediaCorp did make 1 version before, and I forgot the story already. I enjoyed the last episode a lot, because it shows the good triumph over evil part and Yang Guo is like so damn powerful liao. A bit kua zhang also. Single handedly kill the Emperor of Mongolia! Kaoz. 1 person can fight the entire war liao. Haha.

From the start the story has already been imbalanced. China has so many martial arts heroes and Mongolia has so little. Sometimes it makes you wonder if Guo Jing had just used Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang at the start of the war, perhaps all these won’t happen liao. Haha. The reason why I said this is because in the later end of ROCH, Huang Yao Shi told Yang Guo that his palm techniques is so good that in the whole world only Guo Jing’s 18-Dragon Subduing Palms can compare to his. So since he used his palm techniques to win the whole war, shouldn’t Guo Jing be able to do the same?

A good part is also that when the condor started flipping the enemy around with its wings. Guo Jing has 2 condors right? Then he should have deployed them. Haha. But then again his condor looks damn small.

Crunchyroll doesn’t have Legend of the Condor Heroes. Or rather, it doesn’t have the newest version. I didn’t watch the newest version when it showed before Shen Diao at the same time slot.

Well, this means that everything I want to watch has ended. Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, Jin Zhi Yun Nie and finally Shen Diao Xia Lv. I won’t be watching any more drama serials already, now I have to concentrate on doing work!

I would be going to Jap soon..this sat night..cya

Huan Zhu 3

Well I finally finished watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 le.. I watched it halfway whilst the Qing dynasty went to war with Burma and I had to bear arms to serve the nation at the same time. 2 years later, Channel 8 showed it again, but I went to find the other episodes and I finally completed it, 4 weeks ahead of Channel 8.

I must say I am really glad to finish the entire series especially having stopped watching for 2 years. And I quite like the ending. Its a nice ending to the entire 3 series. And it puts an end to everything. There won’t be any 4th season to watch anymore. Haha.

I have 2 more tv series to finish watching before I commence my lessons in school, and after that I doubt I will be watching anymore tv series already. The only possible thing is for me to watch anime whilst going to school on my Zen Vision. =)