Get Smart

Get Smart

I watched this movie called “Get Smart” with Jia Hao on the 2nd of July, and I must say that I enjoyed the movie a lot. It’s a comedy, and a rather lame one at that, so if you cannot appreciate some laughter and lameness in a movie, don’t watch it. Else, feel free to pump your 6 dollars in (student price @ cathay. haha). For a nicer review, read Jia Hao’s entry.

In essence, it’s about this really lousy agent who in the end saved the day, and of course, through out his entire stint he create plenty of stupid problems that made everyone laugh like crazy. He’s a good analyst though, but a lousy field agent. The beauty is that he made us of his past analyst work to save the day, and it does tell us, brains is useful. An agent with brains can be better than an agent with the brawn but no brains. 🙂

I don’t really know what to review, but I really had a fun time laughing in the cinema and I think everyone did too because I can hear their laughter. I haven’t had such a wonderful comedy in quite a long time, and I am happy that I chose to watch it. I guess that is testament enough?

7.5 stars of 10.

Kung Fu Panda Review

Kung Fu Panda Poster

It’s time to review “Kung Fu Panda” which has so much hype months before the movie is screened. In the cinemas, Kung Fu Panda told movie-goers to switch off their handphone. They also show the makings of Kung Fu Panda on the television set. McDonalds came up with ads on Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal toys, even to the extent of hiring two Chinese children to fight over a nugget.

However, to me, although Kung Fu Panda is entertaining, but it seems to be too short for my liking. But you can’t blame them, after all animation movies are of this duration isn’t it? Adding advertisement time, the whole movie lasted 1.5 hours.

I have one complaint. If you have watched the making of Kung Fu Panda, you have already watched the whole training sequence for Panda. The training sequence is short and fast, and it’s like “Huh like this become Kung Fu pro liao ah?”.

To be serious, Kung Fu Panda is a wonderful animation. The whole theatre is filled with laughter constantly. The laughter is pretty loud too. I must say it’s enjoyable, and would be better if it was longer to get more worth for my buck.

After the movie ended, there is a short clip after the credits. I didn’t know and I didn’t stay, but Wiki (use the link above) says there is.

Well, watch this if you are paying 6 bucks. I was also wondering why Panda understood the Wu Xi Finger Hold by himself. His kung fu is not that powerful right? Haha. I shall give Kung Fu panda 7 points out of 10.

Korean Movie: 2 Faces of My Girlfriend

2 Faces of my Girlfriend

Gu-chang is a lonely man. He’s never been kissed, nor has he been in a relationship. Finally he meets this really pretty young lady when he found her wallet by chance (and stole $3). A relationship blossoms. Anni, likes rice cakes and pukes on a Viking ship. The two of them hit it off well and it does seem like there’s a great chance of a relationship. Or is it?

Anni has a second personality. Kind of like a personality disorder. From a past love gone bad, Hanni emerges, who’s the protector of Anni. They are the same person and Hanni always pops up all of a sudden and becomes extremely violent. Sounds like old Korean movies like My Sassy Girl? It is, but the captivate my attention part is seriously lacking.

I wouldn’t ask anyone to watch this movie. In a way it bored me. I find that the story isn’t that nice, and sometimes it’s a little draggy. Perhaps its one violent girlfriend too many?

Anyway, Anni and Gu-Chang goes through thick and thin together. Gu-Chang is obviously in love with Anni, and Anni knows Gu-Chang is nice to her, and is appreciative. Eventually even Hanni the protector softens towards Gu-Chang and will willingly let Anni reemerge.

However, the twist is at the back. Yuri is the real identity of the girl. When Yuri and her former boyfriend went to Antartica, her boyfriend saved her from a blizzard by giving her his winter jacket. He died and she survived. With this heartbreaking relationship, she developed personality problems and Anni and Hanni emerged.

Eventually Yuri went to collect her ex boyfriend’s body when it’s flown back from Antartica. (I don’t understand why the time lag, maybe I slept at some parts) Yuri manages to get over it and her psychologists hypnotised her and caused Anni/Hanni to die. Yuri recovers, but does not recognize Gu-Chang.

Now, at the start of the movie, Gu-Chang lost his handphone to a person auditioning as a ghost. Gu-Chang thought he really saw a ghost, but the ghost is actually Yuri. They meet and get together all over again.

The End.

Kind of a boring plot, I would say. But you can watch for the eye candy. The lead actress acted in My Lovely Samsoon and My Boyfriend is Type B before. I won’t recommend anyone to watch it though.

The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

The Incredible Hulk

I watched the movie The Incredible Hulk with Jia Hao on Monday at Marina Square. Thanks to Golden Village’s members birthday month movie treat, I got a buy 1 get 1 free ticket voucher. Hence the both of us only paid “half price” for entry.

I must say I was never a fan of The Incredible Hulk. I never watched any cartoons or comics of it, and neither have I watched the 2003 version which seemed to be pretty dismal in performance. So I watched The Incredible Hulk from a non-fan point of view, and frankly speaking, it’s not that bad at all.

The story was told in a good manner that a non-fan such as me can understand what is going on. However there are minor faults that leave me wondering what happened. For example, the Doctor that eventually “treated” Hulk unsuccessfully was slammed by the Hulk-nemy. (Hulk’s enemy lol) He got some Hulk’s blood that drip on his forehead and his skull seems to mutate and swell. But that’s the end of it. No explanation, nothing. Or perhaps I couldn’t catch the explanation, if any. So what happened to the guy? Another monster in another sequel? No idea.

At the end of it all it showed that Hulk didn’t transform for a very long period, and he was just sitting there and suddenly his eyes turn green and the number of day count got reset to 0. What was that? Upon checking Wikipedia, it actually means the Hulk is now able to transform at will.

There seems to be a future sequel though. I somehow predict an Ironman Hulk combo since Tony Stark came out to say they are forming a team. It could be potential merger of the two superheroes. But it may not be also. Not too sure, but there seems to be potential for sequel, whether its Hulk alone or not.

Overall it is a pretty interesting experience, and Liv Tyler is very beautiful as usual. And Hulk cannot have sex because he get’s too excited and will turn into The Hulk. It must be quite gross to turn into the Hulk midway during the deed huh?

I entered the movie theatre at 4.20 and it ended by 6.20 or so. Taking away the advertisements of about 15 minutes, that means the duration of the movie is about 1 hr 45 minutes? I must say I was never bored. One thing weird though, this is the first time I laughed at the “switch off your handphone” ad. It contains a cold pun by Jack Neo though. And the advertisement of Shaolin girl shows the female lead in Galileo (JDrama) doing some fighting. Can’t really link her first image to the second. Lol.

Back to the point, other than minor faults listed above, I guess the movie is ok. Oh I remember something. They never really said what happened to the Abomination. Did they kill it? Or do some experiment? Not too sure. If you enjoyed it or hated the movie, leave a comment?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I watched this movie yesterday with my “Royal Family” clique comprising of godsis Cheng Ying, as well as Michelle and Taiman. We met at Vivocity and Taiman actually got lost. We were supposed to have dinner together at Kopitiam but he ended up walking to HarbourFront and then found GV before Kopitiam. Hence he bought the hot dog from the GV Candy Bar.

Anyway the movie “started” at 6.45pm, but it was full of advertisements (GV leh), hence it only started proper about 20 minutes later. The real movie lasted about 2 hours, and by 9pm the movie was showing the credits.

This movie is the fourth installation of the Indiana Jones series, and it is much hyped over. The first was Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark, then Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, then Indiana Jones and the last crusade. I very much preferred the last one (The Last Crusade), and after watching the movie, I still think The Last Crusade is better.

What can I say? I feel that the movie is a little too short to satisfy. Come on, Indiana Jones has been MIA since 1989, and all we can do is this? The hype balloon is claimed to be much bigger than it really is. But, I don’t think Harrison Ford is too old. He’s a great actor and fits the Indiana Jones character really well. The problem does not lie with him, but with the plot. If, the plot is thicker, perhaps I will find it deserving of the hype.

The movie seems to be very much action. Perhaps I just enjoyed the mysteries of the Last Crusade better than this latest one. However, even if I enjoyed the 3rd better than the 4th, let it be known that I enjoyed myself very much with this movie too. The plot is good, just that it could be better and longer (satisfying fans worldwide).

As a whole, I’m rating this a 7.5/10. It’s a good movie to catch, especially if you have been faithfully, like me, watching the past 3 Wednesday’s Channel 5 re-runs of Indiana Jones.

Made of Honour Review

Made of Honour

I went to watch Made Of Honour (external link: Wiki) yesterday with my parents at Jurong Point. I must say that it’s a pretty nice movie, though the ending is cliché. I think you can guess the ending because I guessed it too. Let’s just say that such love stories usually end with them going happily ever after. But, the way it ended is really cliché. That, I leave it to you all to watch or guess. Give comments and I will verify.

Basically, Tom, the leading man, is a Casanova. He sleeps with girls every day of the week, and one of his rules is that no consecutive girls in the same week. This means, 7 days a week, 7 different girls to go to bed to. His best friend is Hannah, a girl, whom he cherishes the friendship with and hence does not have any sex with her.

When Hannah goes to Scotland on a business trip, he finds that his life is boring. The girls of his life does not satisfy him (not sexually, but I mean they just cannot replace Hannah in his life as his close friend). That is when he realizes that he can’t do without Hannah. He decides to confess his feelings for her when she comes back, but when she does, he discovers that some bloke proposed to her (only knowing each other for weeks) and she agreed.

He becomes her maid of honour, and tries to sabotage the relationship. Ok, maybe not sabotage, but what he does is to make her feel that he is the one who understands her, not him. She starts to realize the difference too in the middle of the movie, when the Scottish man she is marrying hunts deer, and she herself is pretty anti-violence towards animals.

In the end the two of them get together of course, but how I shall not say. But they do get together and live happily ever after.

I rate this movie a 8/10 based on the funny parts of the movie, as well as the feelings and thoughts that I have after I watched it.

My own thoughts and feelings

After watching this movie, I felt that perhaps it is always good to have close female friends, and have this period of seriously understanding each other first before getting attached and deciding to get married? I realize that teenagers tend to have a wrong view of what love is, and their relationships end up really shaky. Hence I thought it is important to make sure you know who you are loving?

I thought it was rather sweet too that they progressed from good friends to best mates for life. But let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes that is hard to get. I mean, how much time do you have to cultivate a good friendship with a particular person, and what are the chances that both may be compatible as a couple? One may be close friends but not best mates for life.

But of course, I too, realized how inferior I am. Even though I am not a Cassanova (effectively I should rank better than Tom), but I do not have a life. As you see, Tom (other than the sex life), has friends and they go play basketball together..blabla. But I don’t really meet up with my own friends that much to even exercise? Nor go on parties together, visit other friends blabla. Somehow, I’m a total geek. Gah.

Anyway this is a pretty interesting movie despite it’s ending. If you have cash to spare, do watch it. It’s a nice romantic comedy. One of my favourite genres.

Untraceable – Killwithme – Review

Untraceable Poster

Well I went to watch Untraceable today at Vivocity. I must say that it’s a good time to watch movies at vivo in the morning/afternoon timeslot because there are lesser people and you will be able to queue and buy tickets (of course, if the movie is super popular, I guess you should book tickets).

Anyway, I noticed Untraceable from their youTube trailer, and I guess the potential of the story got me interested. Basically, Untraceable is about this psychopath who invites the world to kill with him by linking the rate of death to the number of people logging in. The more people who view the murder process, the faster the person dies.

I rate it a 2.5 stars out of 5, and it’s not a must watch and I will say why in the following:

Spoilers Alert though

The killer is not untraceable. In fact, it would seem that it is quite easy to trace the killer because one of the FBI agents found out something and got killed.

The total dead people count is 3 and 1 kitten is killed in the process.

The first person is a helicopter pilot who piloted the helicopter as the psychopath’s dad killed himself on a bridge. On his chest were words carved using a knife. The words are “Kill with me”. An anticoagulant was linked to this pilot and the more people who watch, the more anticoagulant was injected, and he bled to death.

The second person is the Channel 12 News reporter who interviewed many people and even compiled clips of best suicides. One of those was the suicide of the father. In short, this is the man who made it possible for other people to know of the father’s suicide. One of the clips is titled Rush Hour Suicide. He was cemented to the floor and heat lamps were shone at him. The more viewers there are, the faster the heat lamps lighted up. He died being cooked alive.

The third is the FBI agent who supposedly discovered something. I am not too sure if he knew before he was caught or not, but he when he was dipped in the water with sulfuric acid slowly being injected, he used winks to send a message to the FBI. The message turned out to be “our suicide”, which was linked to Rush Hour Suicide. That clip is the father’s suicide clip, and from there they managed to link everything together.

The female lead got caught in the end and you will know why because the stupid trailer included that scene inside. I’m like just waiting for the female to get caught. Anyway she survives and manages to kill the asshole before he kills her. It ends with her showing her badge to the cameras, something which I do not understand.

Spoilers End

Anyway it’s not a very good movie, so there is no need to spend money watching it. Good for plain entertainment though.

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