Updates; Chinese New Year; Association of Bloggers

This will be a pretty anyhow mashed up post since I do not have much to write for each of the above topics. But before I begin, let me wish everyone a “Happy Chinese New Year”.

My life hasn’t changed a single bit for the past week. Life is just going to school, attending lectures and tutorial (singular because I only had 1 tutorial so far), and having lunch with friends from other departments in Engineering, and also from School of Computing. Everyday I end by lunch time (other than Thursdays) and I have time to do my own things, except that I am generally lazy and I don’t do the things I should do. Tutorials are starting from this week onwards, but since there is 2 days of holidays, the impact will probably be minimal. Next week will be when the tutorials are all up and running.

Chinese New Year is mainly a boring affair. It used to be interesting and fun, but it has been quite monotone the past few years. Primarily it is because the cousins I used to play with have all grown up, me inclusive, and hence we all have our own private lives to run. As such, we only probably see each other only once a year, during Chinese New Year, and there is nothing much to talk about. It’s a real pity, but I guess that is life. Friends around me seem to report a similar predicament. I wonder if it is because we were all busy studying.

Reunion dinner was nice. Its the annual steamboat event and there is lots to eat. I satisfied my shabu shabu craving then, and even had the annual portion of the abalone.

I only go to my aunty’s house every year, since my grandparents live there. So the entire extended family goes to visit every year. I don’t go anywhere else, because there is nowhere else to go. I think it’s better because it’s quite troublesome to go from places to places. But I guess I will never understand the feeling of commuting during CNY since I never did experience it. Probably better for me since I won’t like it much anyway.

Today is the 2nd day of the new year and I’m staying at home, trying to study and catch up with work. But it’s really boring. At least the week will be better. There’s school to keep me busy for a while, and on Friday there is the CNY celebration for Advisors Alliance in the boss’s house. I didn’t go the other time, and I guess it is good to see how large his house is. On Saturday there is a primary school clique CNY gathering at my teacher’s house. It has been a long time since I seen them, so I must take it as a good opportunity to meet them.

The past week there has been plenty of unrest in many people’s blogs with respect to the topic of the Association of Bloggers. In a way I have learnt that whenever you try to do something, you must be prepared for the backlash, and you must be prepared to ignore critics. I say ignore because some critics are just criticizing for the sake of criticizing, and their arguments are not really valid. Critics who raise valid points should always be welcomed and feedback be taken seriously.

In a way, I realize that this is remnants of the blog wars that was carried over since a few months ago. In actual fact, this shouldn’t be a blog war, but it has become one, and I feel that it is because of what the President wrote in her own blog. I feel very disgusted at what she wrote, because she could have not wrote all those insensitive things. If she had exercised restraint like any responsible representative of any association, a huge bulk of the problem would not have begun. Hence from this I learnt that when I become a representative, I have to be mindful of my words and actions because what I say and do will affect many people and cause many possible problems.

Personally I feel that most of their aims are good, and should be encouraged. Entrepreneurial actions should always be encouraged, even if they eventually fail. Their intentions are good, and there are a few people up on the team which I respect, one of them being Paddy, who is running many companies like Bak2u and Blog2u. Hence I’ll be just sitting back and watching how events unfold, and pray that they will overcome all the problems they have now and do the things they wanted to do.

There’ll always be people who disagree with your ideas, especially if they are new, but time has shown that it is with new ideas that our lives continually improve. People may think you are mad, or stupid, but persevere if you believe in something, and it will happen. 🙂