Thoughts after Slumdog millionaire

I have finally watched the award winning movie, Slumdog millionaire yesterday night. To be frank, I do not see all the hype surrounding it. In the middle of the movie, I grew slightly bored, but it is still mildly interesting enough to continue, and hence I did manage to finish the whole movie in one sitting. One scene was super disgusting, that being the young boy jumping into the shit pool so he could get out and get the signature of his idol.

But I guess there are two important scenes that resonate with me in the show. The first scene is where I suppose is something like racial riots, except it’s more to do with religion, since I heard the word Muslims inside, and Slumdog millionaire is an Indian movie. In that scene, the two young boys watched in horror their mother getting killed right before their eyes. They saw the destruction of property and life. And this is really happening in all parts of the world. People don’t coexist peacefully with each other.

The second scene is when the elder brother was being a real bastard. He took out his revolver, pointed at his younger brother, simply because he wanted to have sex with the younger brother’s crush. His younger brother had to go away to avoid getting killed. I feel that such things are the most hated things that can happen in one’s lives, simply because you feel powerless to defend the things or people you care about. To not be able to stand up against bullies who don’t follow the path of righteousness is a very sad feeling. One that you can feel immense hatred against the perpetrators.

Which is why I smiled when my friend shared a link on facebook. It also resonates with me. Although it is the army’s commercial, I find that the meaning is appropriate. Even if you do not like conscription in Singapore, you have to agree with the meaning of the commercial. “What you can’t defend, you don’t own.” Which is why we should do our best not to get bullied. Which is why I feel we shouldn’t give anyone a chance to think that we can be bullied.

I’ll end with the YouTube of the commercial. Do just take some time to watch and see if you can feel the message as I do.