Atashinchi No Danshi – Jdrama


I have waited quite a long time for the high quality HD subs to be released, and the reason why I started watching this drama is because Maki is the lead actress. I admit that I did not know about the plot before I started, so it could be some potentially lousy drama, but I am happy to say that it is not.

Indeed, it has some traditional lame Japanese elements inside especially when one of the ways to distract someone goes like this:

“You’re a girl”
“You’re not a boy”
“I got a second thing to tell you”
*Waits a while*
“You’re human”

Seriously makes you think HUH but it adds abit of comic element in the drama.

The drama is actually about this girl who is running away from a 100 million yen debt. (Reminds me of Hayate the anime). Her father gambled and borrowed that sum of money and defaulted. The yakuza now hounds the girl, Chisato, for payment. A mysterious man came from a helicopter and paid the 100 million yen for Chisato, and Chisato leaves with him in a helicopter. On the helicopter, she signs a contract to agree to pay back the 100 million yen eventually.

Once she reaches their destination, she was told that the contract includes a clause that says she will be his wife. Now, Shinzo (the man) is actually old enough to be Chisato’s father. Chisato cannot escape from the contract unless she pays up the 100 million yen in a day, so she agreed to be his wife. Please don’t think of those kinky stuff because all she did was to keep him company as his wife for one month till he passed away.

Soon the one month passed, and the lawyer brings the contract. She then realizes that there is more to the contract. She has to live in a house with 6 “adopted” sons and be their mother. These sons do not get along well with each other, and keep to themselves. They think of themselves as people who just happen to live together. As their mother, she has to complete 10 goals, of which she started with needing to get the entire family to eat together.

Funny things continue and Chisato always finds out there is more to the contract. Eventually, she has to complete those tasks, find out her real identity, and create a family out of 7 people who are not blood related. Will she manage to complete the goals? Will she remain homeless after she finished her job as their mother? Will they learn to show care and concern as a family?

Atashinchi No Danshi is an 11 episode drama that is heart warming and funny to watch. It is not like those uber pro drama like Code Blue, but it is also not as lousy as some boring dramas Maki worked on before. Hence it is a must watch for people who is thinking of watching dramas but do not know what to watch.

Densha Otoko – A touching JDrama

Densha Otoko

I watched this JDrama initially because my favourite Jap actress was inside, but actually she only played a very minor role. However from the first episode onwards I was hooked, and I must admit, this is a good touching drama that anyone should watch when they have time. However, there are certain points in time when it’s getting too draggy and slow.

The entire drama is 11 episodes, with two more separate episodes, the first being the “Another Ending” where they show the love stories of the supporting casts, as well as the Guitar Otoko, who is actually Densha Otoko’s Otaku friend aka as Sea Turtle. The second is the SP (Special), where Densha Otoko is hunted by a company and at the same time, he wants to prove his love to Saori. The special is quite touching in my own opinion.

The main story is like this. Densha Otoko is a nickname for Yamada-san, who is an Otaku. An Otaku is someone who’s obsessed with anime blabla and has many figurines at home. In short, being an Otaku is rather “derogatory” in nature because people think you are weird and somehow you will feel that Otaku’s are a lower caste.

Yamada-san, on his way home, saw a pretty lady, Saori-san. A drunk came to disturb her, and he plucked up the courage to voice out and stop the drunk. As a result, Saori asks for Yamada’s address and sent him a present of two Hermes Cups.

Yamada, who’s like any normal guy who feels inferior, wants help and turns to a message board or forum and the participants there helped him with many things, like the Densha Otoko remodeling project, where he changes his image before meeting Saori-san for the first date, as well as giving him courage to call Saori-san.

Through the 11 episodes, there are many ups and downs, and Yamada-san proves his love and concern in many different touching ways. In fact, I understand why Saori-san will fall in love with an Otaku, because he is really sincere. I’m sure he puts many men to shame. I know it’s a drama, but it’s based on a real story. Densha Otoko happened in Japan and they made it into a drama. Furthermore, the things he did, (other than the SP which is purely fiction) are not those out of the world kind, but simple actions that really touch people. He gives hope because it doesn’t matter how tall you are, or how handsome you look, you can always win the heart of the fair maiden.

I’m really touched after watching the whole series including the SP, and I think people should watch it too. So watch it, and feel.

JDrama: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Hana Kimi

I just finished watching this Japan Drama, which is more commonly known as Hana Kimi, on Tuesday night. This is also the Japanese version of Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nv, where Ella from S.H.E. acted as Ashiya Mizuki. In the Japan version, my favourite Japan actress, Horikita Maki, acts as Ashiya Mizuki.

This is a 12 episode drama, as compared to 15 for the Taiwanese version. I have no idea which version is the “proper” one, since I have not seen the manga that this drama is based on, but there seems to be slight difference from the 1/2 an hour which I watched on TV for the Tw version. In my opinion, the Japan version seems much better. Or can I say, I enjoy the flavour brought out by the Japanese actors, especially on the character Natkatsu, who keeps thinking he is homosexual when he falls for Mizuki.

To be perfectly honest, Maki is a kawaii girl that doesn’t really seem very boyish. Natkatsu likes to talk to himself, and keeps doing hand signs when he talks to himself in his head. Most of the time he thinks positively of himself and his relationship with Mizuki (something I will do also in his position), but everytime it’s just his own thoughts. Mizuki treats him as a best friend and nothing else.

Mizuki is a Japanese girl from America, and transferred to Osaka High, an all boys school for a particular guy Sano Izumi. She pretends to be a guy, even wearing this tight thing underneath her clothes so that she looks flatter. In the past, Sano saved her once and ended up being knifed at the leg. From then on, Sano stopped high jumping, which Mizuki felt is a pity because Sano’s really good at high jumping.

Through joining Osaka High, and coincidentally ending up in the same dorm room as Sano, she manages to get into Sano’s world despite his cool personality. Sano ended up going for the high jump again, though he only managed to get a 2nd place in his first try.

The enjoyable part is that every episode has a different sub plot, typical of Japan Dramas, which I like. Every episode, something different will be done and there is much space for many characters to develop. The things that they do, like inter-dorm activities are pretty fun too. Somehow it makes me want to join them. 🙂

However I feel that the last episode (which is 2 hours long) is a little not-as-good. I feel that the ending could be more fun, but I shan’t be picky. There is much screen time of Maki too, and that is good. The last episode shows how they discovered Mizuki is a girl, and how they initially could not accept that they were deceived, to forgiving Mizuki and treating her completely like a guy!

This 12 part series is easy to digest and fun to watch. If you have the time, why not watch it? Hmm..Did I do something wrong? 😛