Stomping Stomp just creates another Stomp

There have been plenty of discussion lately about Stomp and how pathetically stupid Stomper are. In fact, I have blogged my fair share about Stomp, including titles like Stompers have magical eyes. I do admit, there are plenty of articles there that are totally stupid.

But what makes them stupid? Because they assume something, like the link above, that the couple in the water are having sex. But are they? Can we be sure? We can’t. Or photos criticizing someone’s way of dressing, which I thought, “What has it got to do with you?”. I remember one Stomper taking photos of a person wearing three quarters pants in Esplanade, and claiming that it’s the wrong way to dress in a “high class” event, but in reality, anyone can go there and people walk inside Esplanade in slippers too.

Lately, there has been a new website called AntiStomp. People have started to applaud it’s launch because its a website that talks about the stupidity of certain posts in Stomp. Whilst I was quite happy to read up on some posts, I was frankly put off by others. A thought came to me, “Who will guard the guards?”. In our haste to label Stomp as a lousy piece of citizen journalism, have we discovered that the makers of AntiStomp are also in a way, “citizen journalists”? And the best thing is, they are actually doing the same thing as what those Stompers are doing.

Take a look at this article. The Stomper claims that there was a near accident because the SSDC student had his left signal light on throughout, giving the impression that he wanted to turn, but in reality, he wanted to go straight. Instead of feeling sorry that the student made such a gross error, the instructor still gave hostile hand gestures. Is this a stupid Stomp? I don’t think so. It is perfectly easy to understand that the driver was upset and he is merely using Stomp as a means to complain about SSDC. In this matter, I think it is very clear who is wrong, that is, the student. It is totally wrong to say that students have been known to forget to turn off their signal lights, and pin the fault on the driver. Why should we criticize the driver here? The driver isn’t making any assumption.

And what about the article on the pervert stomper? This Stomper, a lady, is upset that the fish balls and the sausage was placed in a suggestive manner, that looks like a man’s crotch region. In my opinion, the photo really proves that the stall assistant is a gigantic jerk. There are so many ways to place two fish balls and a sausage and of all ways he chose that? It is obvious he is trying to be funny. But if you read Antistomp’s article, they are being funny and childish too. They said that the Stomper is probably trying to flirt with the stall owner, that she gave them the wrong impression blabla. Is this morally right? Is this the wrong kind of things to go on Stomp? I guess not.

With these two examples, it makes me wonder, are they making the same mistake? Antistomp, is actually not a platform to showcase the stupid posts made by Stompers. In actual fact, Antistomp is actually the biggest Stomper of all. Though they do not post on Stomp in itself, they are doing exactly the same thing that those Stupid Stompers are doing. They assume, and they lack certain feelings. They lack the feeling of compassion and neglect to think “perhaps the lady IS a victim”. Instead, they resort to assumptions saying she is seeking attention when the author is NOT present at the time of the sale.

Hence, who will guard the guards? Whilst some of us may applaud the emergence of this new website, let us think about it. Ultimately, journalism is something for professional journalists. A citizen journalism style blog fighting a citizen journalism Stomp is like the pot calling the kettle black. Unless there is some form of editorial integrity where they make sure that their posts are of some standards, they are just simply a copycat of Stomp? Down with Stomp? Down with those posts in AntiStomp first.

No offence meant, but I think that post was way offensive. Think about it. Who will guard the guards?

/*Some Updates*/
What is the purpose of Stomp then? I guess Stomp could be a place for discussion, of which most of the Stomps would become perfectly legitimate. Take for example the photo taken by a rather appalled driver seeing an SSDC car parking using real cars as guides. In reality, is there a need to blast the Stomper? We could just discuss it over Stomp and point things out to them. Or take for example the angry football fan who complained to Stomp. We could just tell them “It’s not Starhub’s fault”. There are so many sides to a certain thing, sometimes we should just be understanding towards certain Stompers.